Power Moves: Best Career Book for Women in 2022

Power Moves is the essential handbook that helps professional women truly feel understood so they can bypass perfection and planning and head straight to evolving.

Power Moves: A  Career of Purpose for Women

You are a millennial who is ambitious, professional and well-qualified, You thought you did everything right by obtaining all the necessary certifications and even get yourself promoted but still wondered stuck and unfulfilled now seeking to get unstuck.

Lauren McGoodwin’s Power Moves focuses on gendered careers: focusing on the unique, complex aspects of women’s careers, Career Contessa offers women the smart advice they deserve, in a voice that resonates inspired by her website: the Career Contessa

This career book is filled with the information, guidance, advice, and essential tools, (including helpful graphics) that can help women take decisive, bold steps without self-doubt and fear, Power Moves shows women how to build a successful career on their own terms.

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